Tuesday 23 January 2018


*Are walking together in similar dreams, visions, goals and activities.

*Share forgiveness for many things that went wrong or were expressed inappropriately.

*Have open and honest relationships while they are targeting the goal to be achieved.

*Help, support and push the other one to get on top, and when he/she does it, he/she will not turn his/her back, nor will cut off the rope. Contrary, he/she will lean towards you, will stretch the hand to you saying: “I reached the top with your help, now hold my hand and get back my support. Come closer to me, we need each other; we can do things together very well. We ought to stay together as friends. Come, let’s continue to walk and to work as friends while the others might figure out the one who did sustain me to reach the top.”

*Make people understand that better are two than one.

*Is the best teaching and proof that the true friend makes good and not bad to the other one.

*Make people see and understand that in times of trouble a true friend is like a brother.

Indeed, this end time of our days (when people are money lovers, greedy and selfish) is recognized as a harsh one for finding and having true friends. But blessed are those who can find and have a true friend. If you found or have a real friend, be wise enjoying your relationship. If you didn’t discover yet the right friend or if you just lost him/her, then it’s a good time for you to consider becoming the true one!

We will always have friends, but JESUS is the BEST FRIEND ever!

Have a blessed week!

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