Tuesday 16 January 2018

A Day with Jesus

“In the beginning…” (John 1:1) “The next day…” (John 1:29) 
“The next day…” (John 1:35) “On the third day… “(John 2:1)

The apostle John is mentioning a few times about the 1st & 2nd day, etc. at the beginning of his Gospel. This beginning of days with Jesus was so important for him and had such a great impact that he couldn’t skip these important “details” of those days when he met Jesus or when he saw Jesus performing His first miracle in public. 

We should never forget that John wrote his Gospel being led by God’s Spirit to do so.  This leads us to the conclusion that every day of our life with, for and around Jesus is on God’s Spirit attention. Probably there are not many participants involved in our daily life, and sometimes our lives seem to be a routine and without impact. Probably we get the impression that we are not observed by others and nobody knows your heart and openness for good things to take place in and through your life.  Sometimes it seems that it’s too much “quietness” in our lives and nobody is “willing to disturb” it. Many times only your thoughts and your shadow are your life's journey companions.

From the beginning of John’s Gospel we see again that it’s time to count not only the “unimportant, insignificant” and unseen things and events of those days but the fact that those days were part of God’s plan for John’s life journey around Jesus to become His disciple and a strong pillar in the Church. His life and ministry influenced humankind history and has been used by God to transform lives and communities. It is well known for John, that he followed and loved Jesus no matter what. Since then, he is recognized as the apostle of love who was loved by Jesus and who loved others without limits. His letters are filled with love and wisdom. But everything began with the days that counted for him: days with Jesus.

“So, teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90:12)

Wish you a blessed weak and an everyday “shadowed” by God’s plan and His presence in your life!

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