Wednesday 14 March 2018

Golgotha’s Cross

When we talk about the cross we relate to the truth of God and how His Son was treated by the world for which He came to save it.

The Cross:
It’s Christ’ trade mark and of His believers.
It’s the “vacuum” of everyone’s sin and the heavenly river of life set on earth.
It’s the preferable place of sinners who wants to be forgiven and from  where the christian journey starts.
It’s Christ way to conquer the world, to defeat sin and to call those who want to follow Him.
It’s not an object to be worshiped but a lifestyle of true believers.
If true or false believers are recognized by their fruits, then those who live for Christ are recognized by hanging and giving up their lives on Christ’ cross.  
First, Christ’ cross brings sacrifice, then the manifestation of His glory. (Probably that’s why in our days we don’t see  so much of Christ glory.)
When we refer to Christ’ cross we also have to consider Golgotha.

It’s the paramount  of sin “gathered” on Earth and the most sacred place on this planet. refer
It’s the place from where people can get (for free) one way ticket to heaven.
It’s the place where someone saved looked the first time for Jesus, in His eyes.
It’s the place where Mary, the mother of Jesus, started the river of tears which continue to flow through everyone who gets salvation and comfort.
It’s the place where people experience deliverance from pain and sorrows enjoying heavenly peace and happiness.   
It’s the place where you can find Jesus hanged for you; where people walk on their knees in humbleness and exaltation, and where the cross walk started first towards all the corners of the Earth.
It’s where God’s salvation is at work everyday & night; the cross is not present phisicaly but its power is still fully active.
COME to GOLGOTHA to find rest for your soul at the shadow of Christ’s Cross and of God’s love by receiving forgiveness of your sins, eternal life and divine joyful’ peace.

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